Lost your licence for drink driving?
offers all components of the Victorian Government Accredited Drink Driver Program as required by the Magistrate's Court and Vicroads for License Restoration.

  • Drink Driver Education Courses
  • Drink Driver Assessments
  • Court Reports
  • Ignition Interlock Assessments and Reports
  • Information and Advice on the procedure for License Restoration

At ADDSA we understand that the Licence Restoration process can be both difficult and embarrassing for some. We provide a discreet and flexible service. Call ADDSA for free, no obligation and confidential advice on your situation – (03) 8669 1409

(Drink Driver Education Programs and Assessments are delivered through CATS Drink Driver Education
- DHS Accreditation Number 92/036)

More than one offence for Drink Driving? Try "This Way Out"©.
Most repeat drink drivers have undergone courses and assessments over and over again, with little effect. A longer, more intensive and case managed program has now been developed and trialled successfully. This is available to drink drivers who have had multiple offences. Clients should discuss this with their solicitor/barrister who may make and application to the court prior to sentencing.

While the Road Safety Act requires certain categories of Drink Drivers to be assessed for their alcohol and drug use, often Courts will also require others to be assessed. The Court will also require a report on your situation to be presented at a later hearing.

ADDSA has a team of specialist Assessors who are trained in providing precisely the information required for these Court hearings.

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An Alcohol Interlock is a breath testing device which can be fitted to your vehicle. Prior to driving you must breathe into the Interlock. Should any alcohol be present the vehicle will not start thus separating drinking from driving.

There are several devices on the Australian market but only a small number are approved for legislative purposes.

Before the interlock is removed from your vehicle you will need an assessment and Court Order.

Call ADDSA for more information on the do’s and don’ts of Alcohol Interlocks or for an assessment
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The Courts often refer people for psychological assessment, generally prior to sentencing. Such assessment aims to assess a person's abilities, personality or mental health and well being. The resultant report is often used by Courts to aid sentencing decisions.

An assessment will require an informal or formal meeting with one of our team.

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Psychological counselling is a supportive and confidential process. It is also a non judgemental process that aims to provide support for individuals facing a variety of life stresses.

Your counsellor will work with your referring General Practitioner or other health professional to ensure the most effective, efficient outcomes.

ADDSA psychologists are registered for Medicare rebates. Call ADDSA for more information
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Criteria for entry to program:

  • Three of more offences for drink driving, or
  • Two offences for drink driving where the most recent involved a high BAC, or
  • Any drink driving offence where the client is directed by the Court.

- Clients undergo a series of psychological tests and assessment of drug and/or alcohol use.
- Clients are referred for further treatment and/or counselling where necessary. This may include medical intervention.
- Once referrals are complete, or at a stage when the Program Psychologist deems suitable, the client may enter the Group Program.
- A court report is provided at this stage

Group Program
This program comprises 12 small group sessions and incorporates the accredited drink driver education program.

Clients are required to attend all sessions. Where sessions are missed due to legitimate circumstances, allowances may be made and 'catch up' sessions may be arranged. A client who is absent from a high percentage of sessions may re-register for a future program. Those opting out prior to completion of this stage will be issued a Certificate of Attendance for only the sessions attended.

Case Management
Follow-up/case management is maintained during the disqualification period to reduce potential to relapse. The duration of the management period depends on individual circumstances, but is maintained until the client is relicensed and an alcohol interlock removal order has been granted.

Further Assessment
The client is again assessed by the Program Psychologist prior to the application for interlock removal order. A court report is provided for that hearing.

Post Licence Restoration Assessment
For clients with long term issues, further assessment/counselling sessions are available.